Run for Nutrition

One year ago, we ran a marathon to raise money for the egg a day program for kids in Zimbabwe... Thanks to you all, we decided to take it a step further and buy into a chicken business. This provides us with a monthly profit we use to help fund education costs for kids living on the streets or in extreme poverty.

This past weekend we ran again! All funds raised goes towards our nutrition program to feed young kids and their families in the squatter camp areas of Southern Zimbabwe. We deeply love these two communities and the people in them. Thanks for joining us in supporting them.



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After 10 years of living in the Trenance Squatter Community, Ntombezinhle Ngwenya, two of her daughters (12 & 15 years) and 9 grandchildren (4-15 years old) were relocated to Esiphezini, 30km from the city by Our Neighbours Ministry, due to a number of sexual abuses happening within the family. Since the relocation, Our Neighbours has been providing moral and spiritual support to the family. They were chosen as one of the Roots for Zimbabwe's Egg Program Recipients in light of their recent severe food struggles.

Meet "Bambino" (Cheeks) from the Mpofu Family 

Meet "Bambino" (Cheeks) from the Mpofu Family 


We've seen how much education impacts the lives of these kids. Leaders have emerged and hearts began to dream of a positive future!
Unfortunately, we also have seen the harm of malnutrition first hand. It is proven that adequate nutrition increases brain function and the ability to learn. The communities we work in lack secure shelters, access to clean water, and have little certainty of food each day.
We are currently able to provide 1000 eggs a month to children who are living in extreme poverty. But we can't stop there. Our goal is to provide 5,000 eggs a month and we need you to do it.

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(Translated) They are very grateful to Roots for Zimbabwe for awarding them the opportunity of getting the eggs. They use the eggs relish for dinner and at times the kids carry the eggs to school to eat at lunchtime. - Mpofu Family

Chickens Chickens and More Chickens

Our Chicken Business is officially launched. A huge thank you to all who joined in with us. We spoke with Tammy and Jeff Scorziell at Fruitful Harvest in Zimbabwe after the marathon (*all money raised from the marathon went to Fruitful Harvest's Egg a Day Program) and felt that our relationship with them was only just beginning. A couple of months later we took a big step of faith and agreed to purchase our chickens and have $4,000 for them within two months. As a new non profit, our bank account had around $32.00 when I felt God's gentle nudge to commit to them. A little worried about the funds but mostly excited to see how God would make it happen, we said YES! Within 6 weeks, so many of you came together from unexpected places and raised the 4k needed to launch. 

So here we are, proud owners of 200 chickens in Zimbabwe. Each month these chickens should lay around 5,000 eggs. These eggs go out into the community on trays of 30, some are sold in restaurants, markets, and some are purchased by donors to give to children who need a nutritious meal. The profit from these sales are split between sustaining our chicken business so that we never have to repurchase these 200 chickens even after they are through laying and between funding education for kids at Lighthouse Christian Academy. 

LCA is absolutely amazing. Children who missed a substantial amount of schooling due to living on the street or being unable to pay for school fees, attend here in order to receive a holistic educational foundation. Most children come from a community called Trenance and are struggling to have basic needs met. The opportunity to attend school means HOPE that the poverty cycle in their families will stop with them.

If you are looking for an opportunity to invest in the lives of others, we are looking for one time or monthly sponsors to purchase trays of eggs that will be given to children living in extreme poverty. 


A sneak peak into the arrival of the chickens into their new coop at Fruitful Harvest.

A sneak peak into the arrival of the chickens into their new coop at Fruitful Harvest.

The community of Trenance is home to many LCA students. Children will receive an egg a day and a portion of the profit from egg sales will go towards their schooling.

The community of Trenance is home to many LCA students. Children will receive an egg a day and a portion of the profit from egg sales will go towards their schooling.

26.2 Miles, 1,050 Dollars, 210 kids

We did it, guys! We did it! Just over $1000 raised for kids through Fruitful Harvest Ministries. Thank you, thank you, thank you! If you haven't heard us talk about Fruitful Harvest before, check them out here: Fruitful Harvest Ministries.

Thanks to all who came out to cheer us on. And thanks to all who gave. Zimbabwe has recently been in such a food crisis that we felt it was important to give all your gifts towards one of our partners that focuses on relief for the local children as well as sustainability. Fruitful Harvest does such a wonderful job at growing their business with the aim of sustainability while simultaneously providing care for immediate needs. By raising $1 for every mile we ran, 210 kids will have an egg a day for one month. Here is the promo video in case you missed it! Throughout the run, I had faces of children I know in Zimbabwe come to mind as well as moments of realizing how powerful it is that you guys care so much for people you've never met. I absolutely love seeing God's goodness through you all. 


Partner Update: Drums of Peace

Exciting news for Makokoba, a small community just outside of Bulawayo! Makokoba is the oldest township in the area, known for it's overcrowding and struggles with crime, prostitution, and drugs. It is estimated that 50% of the population is made up of youth. Lewis Ndlovu, founder of Drums of Peace, has given many kids a positive outlet through drumming and the arts. He has been a strong role model in the neighborhood for years and intends to continue pressing in through expanding his drum program, KIDS (Khanyisa Isibane Drumming School). Using Thabiso Youth Center as a meeting ground, Lewis hopes to build on to his drum program to offer a safe place after school, providing academic support, arts and cultural enrichment, music, recreation, and nutrition. He is calling this project, "UMuntu nguMuntu ngaBantu - I am because you are."

Lewis's aim is to utilize the Youth Center and work with young people that are willing to do something in a collaborative effort to improve their daily lives, themselves, their families, and the community.

We believe that this collaborative effort is between more than Lewis and his staff and the kids in the community. We believe that we can be a part of empowering these kids even from far. If you'd like to help fund this project through providing salary for tutors, purchasing academic supplies, or musical instruments, please CONTACT US or visit our INVEST page. 


Photo from Lewis Ndlovu

Photo from Lewis Ndlovu

"You have fought poverty against my family..."

At the close of 2011, a Mom humbly shared with a group of us chopping vegetables in the church kitchen that her family was having a rough time and she didn't know how she was going to pay for her son's school fees the next month. She simply asked for prayer and that was it. She was a hard worker, loved her son, and couldn't give him the education she wanted him to have. 

Thankfully, I had the opportunity to share this story and her son was sponsored for the school year. And then the sponsorship continued for another year... and another year. His mother continued to work hard but she no longer had to worry about financing her son's education by her self. A couple years in, we received news that he got into some trouble and was expelled. While this was out of the ordinary for him, we learned from this experience and began to question if our approach was causing more problems than good. Our partners on the ground shared openly and had meetings with the family to discuss a way forward. Soon it became clear that this boy's passion was for culinary school and that a vocational program would be a better route for him. His sponsors wanted to continue helping him reach his dream so they supported him through his program. This past year in 2016, 4 years later, he graduated with his culinary certificate. Upon graduating, he wrote a letter expressing his gratitude. He wrote, "You have fulfilled my dreams and you have fought poverty against my family." 

It has been an honor to be part of this family's story. We are excited to see what is next for the recent grad and so proud of his dedication on his journey to overcome poverty!