Our Neighbours Ministries

Our Neighbours Ministry is the local NGO we work mostly closely with in Zimbabwe. Started in January of 2004 by Martin Barrow, Our Neighbours umbrellas a handful of ministries that work with various facets of the community. Soup kitchens, Children's homes, Individual and Family Services, Empowerment Projects, and much more are all in capsuled by this lovely organization.

With the scarce resources in Zimbabwe, Our Neighbours has regular challenges assisting those they serve. We believe this organization is striving to build up healthy communities and strong families that know the love of Jesus and we are thrilled to partner with them as they grow towards sustainability.

Our Neighbours Ministry has a large presence in two of the most impoverished communities in the area, Trenance and Mazwi. These two communities are the current focus of our efforts.

Trenance is a community that consists of two squatter camps, home to a couple hundred families. Shelter here is made of scraps, mainly tin and plastic. Water is sourced from a broken pipe under a tree, 70% of people living here are HIV+, and employment is hard to come by. Our Neighbour's presence within Trenance helps to facilitate and assist any community driven change. Some adults from this community have participated in business empowerment projects organized through Our Neighbours and many students at Lighthouse Christian Academy live in the squatter camp. They assist with mobile health clinics, Bible Studies, Children's programs, and home visits. The team at Our Neighbours have intervened in child abuse situations and regularly provide direct food assistance to the most vulnerable families.

A relocation plan was put in place for some of the families in Trenance to move to an area called Mazwi. Here, they have more solid shelter in the form of two room concrete and plaster homes. However, basic services here are limited. The transition period has been extremely difficult on community members. And while Our Neighbours hopes to outreach to the Mazwi community in similar ways as Trenance, they have felt led to provide food assistance as much as possible during the transition. However, food donations are inconsistent and can not be depended on long-term. With Mazwi being further from town than their old home of Trenance, short-term jobs for small money have become nearly impossible. It is not unlikely for people here to go days without food.