Lighthouse Christian Academy


Lighthouse Christian Academy (LCA) is a branch of Our Neighbours Ministry that began in 2010 in response to fourteen kids transitioning out of homelessness desiring an education. These kids had spent significant time living on the streets and were unable to enter or re-enter the local education system due to the years they had missed. Using the ACE home-based schooling program, each child learns at an individual pace while having the advantages of a classroom setting. LCA focuses on quality education, life skills training and social development all with a distinct spiritual foundation. Their hope is to show students that God loves them and has a restorative plan for their lives.

Three intakes of children have occurred since the start of the school. The focus of LCA is to provide a 1-2 year educational foundation for students. After this foundation period, students will be re-integrated into the local school system or will continue on to vocational training or work experience. LCA will continue to assist these students and their families in a variety of ways, including tuition support. Those students who have learning difficulties or are unable to be reintegrated into government schools due to a discrepancy between their age and education level will continue their schooling at LCA after the foundation period. Currently, thirty students are receiving scholarships to attend. 

In 2012, a home was bought in a neighborhood near Bulawayo and turned into classrooms to function as a school. Due to it's growth a relocation to an area of Trenance is being considered. While the property has been handed to the care of Our Neighbours', much work is needed in order to fix up the existing structures. The property is a small orphanage known as Children of Grace, a home to children that attend Lighthouse. Currently a house mother, a grounds keeper, and a farmer stay on the property. The hope is to help make the buildings structurally sound, provide a training ground for agricultural skills for current students, partner monthly donors with students to fund their education, and pursue self-sustainability through farming and land projects.